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Are You Tired Of Coming In 2nd Place? The person that tells the best story is the one that gets the sale! Make sure that person is you and not one of your competitors.

In this course you learn how to:

  1. 1
    Turn a boring case study into a compelling case story that makes you irresistible.
  2. 2
    Tug at People’s Heart Strings So They Open Their Purse Strings
  3. 3
    Stop being Pushy and become Persuasive

This course has 3 modules with a total of 10 lessons that you can consume in digestible segments. Each lesson has a custom quiz to make sure you have exactly what you need to start using these new tools. This course has videos that are like watching your favorite Netflix movie with entertaining high quality images and graphics.

Who This Is For

  • If you have to pitch against a competitor to win new business, this is for you!
  • If you want to go from pushing out information that is quickly forgotten to pulling people in and having your offer be memorable and magnetic, this is for you.
  • If you want to go from being invisible or worse insignificant to being irresistible, this is for you!

Who This Is NOT For

  • You are not coachable
  • You are not willing to try new ways to sell
  • You are driven only by making money and not helping your clients

My name is John Livesay, aka The Pitch Whisperer, and I’m here to be your sherpa and help you climb the Mt Everest of sales growth. Having had an award winning sales career in media sales at Conde Nast, I have been in your shoes. I know what it is like to have to meet your quota every month, quarter and year.

Fortune and INC. have interviewed me on my storytelling tips from my best selling book “Better Selling Through Storytelling.” Having the honor being on TV shows including being interviewed by Larry King, I share how to go from invisible to irresistible in your career.

Honored to have had Larry King interview me about my book.

​Featured In:
Want to learn the secret to becoming a Revenue Rock Star?

Every one of us in sales has to present Case Studies (The Word Study Sounds Boring) of other clients we have sold. No prospective client gets excited when you say “Let me show you a case study.”

When you learn this one secret of turning your case study into a case STORY, your revenue will soar!

Once you learn the 4 steps to becoming a master storyteller, clients will see themselves in your story and want to buy from you!

This worked when I helped Gensler, the world’s largest architecture firm win a $1 BILLION dollar project renovating the Pittsburgh airport against two competitors.

"You are our interview guru! Thanks for helping us win two new big aviation projects!" said Ty Osbaugh Aviation Leader, Principal

Frustrated with being “pushy” and wish there was a better way?

My storytelling techniques in this course can show you how to stop being pushy. 

“Thanks for helping us go from pushy to persuasive.” Kurt Beecher, CEO of Sugar Mountain Foods

Their sales soared quickly after using the persuasion storytelling tools in this course.

Do your prospects forget what you say after you leave the room?

Recently I helped DHR International, a top executive search firm. They went from hoping they could go last against competitors in a pitch to win new business to telling compelling case stories that caused them to win even if they had to present first.

“We love having new storytelling tools in our toolbox!” Sean Scanlon, Managing Partner DHR International

Tired of coming in 2nd place?

Perkins+Will, the interior design firm that did the Obama offices in D.C., after he left office, came to me with this exact problem-

​“We are tired of coming in 2nd when we pitch for new business.”

After using the storytelling techniques in this course, they said

​“We won three new business pitches in a row thanks to your storytelling secrets.” Nadia Husty, Marketing Manager Perkins+Will

Would you like to go from being an annoying pest to being a welcome guest?

It feels awful to be seen as a pest. Imagine how great it will feel to be a welcomed guestl
Anthem Insurance asked me to help their team not be seen by the doctors they call on as being an interruption to the doctors’ busy day. By using the storytelling techniques in this course, they said:

“We are now seen as a welcome guest who gets the doctors' full attention.” Christal Kovel, Director Anthem Insurance

Feeling invisible to prospects? Here's why that happens, and what to do about it...

This is not your fault. Everyone has been taught to get people to know, like and trust them. The problem is you start pushing information out to get people to know you and your product. The approach is in the wrong order. In this course, you will learn how to build rapport fast and keep it!

​“Thanks for helping us gain rapport fast and in a way that is authentic. Your tips helped turn an angry client who was ready to leave into one who felt heard and happy to stay working with us.” Liz Nochez Director, Redfin

How to reinvent how you sell to get prospects begging to work with you!

Ever feel you have to beg and chase clients to work with you? When you learn the secrets of empathy you suddenly see how prospective clients see you. After taking this course you will have a proven road map in this course that will show you how to go up the 5 rungs from invisible to irresistible.

“We now have new tools to know what we need to do to get out of the friend zone at work! “ Josh Cales President, Honeywell/Phoenix Controls

Better Selling Through Storytelling Course

​The old way of selling is to push a message or product. The new way of selling is to pull people in with a compelling story―one that is magnetic to clients. In this course "Better Selling Through Storytelling" you will learn how to become a master storyteller so you can truly love what you do and get off the self- esteem roller coaster of only feeling good if your numbers are up.

When you give up-selling and become a storyteller you will become a revenue rock star. Learn how to become irresistible to your clients and find out what the best storytelling strategy is to get a yes. From learning how not to take rejection personally to overcoming the 3 faces of fear, you will learn to embrace disruption with new tools that prepare you for any unexpected waves that come your way and get the sale.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Module 1
  • Importance of Story Telling
  • Rules of Great Story Telling
  • Confidence
Module 2
  • Importance of Mindset
  • How To Get Off Of The Self Esteem Roller Coaster
  • Are You Stuck In Comfort Zone?
Module 3
  • How Fast Do You Get Back-Up?
  • How To Sell To Different Personality Types?
  • The Key To Success is Preparation

​"John is the best. I took his online course and had a private hour with him. Learned a ton and got great insight on how to fix my pitch. I highly recommend you do both!"

Rob Angel, creator of the game Pictionary

Kenneth P. Baker

Co-Regional Managing Principal,
Gensler Architecture and design firm

Over $5 million in new business...

We’ve won over $5 million in new business thanks to the storytelling skills John shared with our people!

Dan Carney

Managing Partner at DHR International

"I told our CEO that John was the best speaker we have had in my 13 years with the firm."

Sales Keynote Speaker John Livesay Provides the Roadmap to Become a Revenue Rock Star.



Sales Pitch Critique - You will go from stumbling or feeling stuck to soaring with a new and improved sales pitch with my direct help on the weekly group call. I have helped thousands of salespeople over the years and I can help you too!


Private Online Community - You are not alone! Join me and other professionals who have completed the course to get your questions answered and refine your pitch to make you irresistible.


A personalized signed copy of "Better Selling Through Storytelling". Send me your address and I will give you a personalized signed copy and mail it to you.


Free ticket to the annual virtual online event - There will be guest speakers on the event who are experts in their field and you will continue to learn and be inspired.


Chance to be a guest on "The Successful Pitch" podcast. The person who becomes the biggest brand ambassador for the course will win a guest slot on my podcast which is heard in over 60 countries. You will be in good company as Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank and Mark Victor Hanson, the co-author of The "Chicken Soup for The Soul" series have both been guests.

Katherine Twells

VP Customer Marketing Western US
The Coca-Cola Company

John’s message resonated with our audience.

John Livesay impressed me with his passion and preparation around the Coca-Cola topic of “Exploring The New World Of Technology” for our annual CMO Summit. He was diligent in ensuring his message would resonate by thinking about what would be important to our particular audience and connecting his knowledge and experience to their concerns. John has great energy and enthusiasm.

Christel Kozar

MPH I Program Manager
Anthem Insurance Provider Enablement

We will definitely be working with John again in the future...

John’s dedication to customizing and delivering a high quality, accurate, and engaging presentation gave us the reassurance that he would not disappoint. What we didn’t foresee was the level of enthusiasm, motivation and likability that John exudes that took his presentation beyond our expectations. Our team of 200 people connected with him immediately and left the meeting inspired by their new skills for success. John truly hit it out of the ballpark and we will definitely be working with John again in the future.

How much could improving your pitch add to your yearly income?

Imagine if you could make one more sale what an incredible ROI this course would give you! For example, if you are selling a product for $50,000 and closing 5 out of 10 pitches, and then after using the storytelling techniques in this course, you start closing 6 out of 10 pitches your income will soar. I am willing to say if you don't increase your sales closing ratio by 10%, you get a refund!

Why am I making such a crazy offer? I want to help as many salespeople as possible get off the self-esteem roller coaster of only feeling good if they make a sale and burning out from pushing people to buy. These exact storytelling techniques are what allowed me to win salesperson of the year at Conde Nast.

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